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Support Subscription

Purchasing support from us provides you with direct access to the pfSense team with a targeted response time of one business day for all support questions related to pfSense core. pfSense support compliments your IT resources, adding value and increasing efficiency by having a pfSense engineer ready to answer your questions and provide best practice advice.


Subscription Details

pfSense Per-Incident Support is designed to meet the needs of everyone from home users to enterprise-level consumers and organizations of all sizes. An incident is defined as a question relating to a specific, discrete issue and may involve several interactions with the pfSense team prior to resolution. Separate support incidents must be purchased for assistance with multiple support issues.

Support incidents expire one year from the date of purchase. For more complex projects that deal with anything outside of pfSense core, we offer professional services at very reasonable rates.

If you need support, incidents are available in 2, 5 or 10 incident packs. By purchasing a 5 or 10 incident pack, you can take advantage of a built-in discount. Per-Incident Support fees are non-refundable; please see the Terms and Conditions for details.

Before purchasing support, pfSense highly recommends that you take advantage of our on-line documentation and discussion forums. These are complimentary resources available to you 24x7 that may lead directly to the answers you are looking for.

Support Services Offered

The following outlines the services we most commonly provide to our customers, though this is not an all inclusive list.

If you run into a problem with pfSense, we're here to help. Having problems making something work, let us know!
Configuration Assistance
Whether you need some brief guidance on the best approach, need help configuring services, interfaces, VPN connections, or need us to address general configuration issues, we can help!
Configuration Review
We can review your configuration to ensure it follows both pfSense and general firewall best practices, and provide recommendations on improvements.

Targeted Response Time

All support issues will receive a reply within one business day. Issues are prioritized by severity - problems causing an outage or having significant immediate impact on your network will always take priority, and will receive our attention as quickly as possible.


pfSense engineers are available from 8 AM to 8 PM US Eastern time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays in the United States.


If you purchased a firewall from us, you should have received an information card with activation instructions. Once registered, you will have two support incidents automatically added to your account. If those incidents have been exhausted or you have not purchased a firewall from us, standard subscriptions incidents can be purchased. These incidents are valid for up to one year or until used.

Please visit the signup page to add incidents to your account.


If you have any questions, please email or look over out support frequently asked questions.