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Support Subscription

Purchasing support from us provides you with direct access to the pfSense team with a targeted response time of one business day for all support questions related to pfSense core. pfSense support compliments your IT resources, adding value and increasing efficiency by having a pfSense engineer ready to answer your questions and provide best practice advice.


Subscription Details

Our support model is unique in that everything is on an hourly basis. This helps you manage your already-stretched IT budget! Support plans start with a 2-hour minimum commitment and are billed at an incremental hourly rate after that. You can purchase support as you need it without a large initial or subsequent purchase resulting in valuable IT dollars being left on the table. Support hours do expire one year after date of purchase. For more complex projects that deal with anything outside of pfSense core, we offer professional services at a very reasonable rate.

How it works

Time is tracked using a timer in our time tracking software Freshbooks, and rounded to the nearest tenth of an hour (six minute increments), with a minimum of 0.1 hours. While working with you, or on a project for you, the timer is running. When completed, the timer is stopped, a description added to the entry, and it's submitted. If something will take more than the amount of hours you have already purchased, we will obtain your approval before exceeding the amount of time you have purchased.

Support Services Offered

The following outlines the services we most commonly provide to our customers, though this is not an all inclusive list.

If you run into a problem with pfSense, we're here to help.
Configuration Assistance
Whether you need some brief guidance on the best approach, or want us to walk you through the configuration via GoToMeeting to control your screen, or log in to your firewall and completely configure it ourselves, we are available for any level of assistance.
Configuration Review
We can review your configuration to ensure it follows both pfSense and general firewall best practices, and provide recommendations on improvements.

Targeted Response Time

All support issues will receive a reply within one business day. Issues are prioritized by severity - problems causing an outage or having significant immediate impact on your network will always take priority, and will receive our attention as quickly as possible.


pfSense engineers are available from 8 AM to 8 PM US Eastern time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays in the United States.


Support plans start with a 2-hour minimum commitment and are billed at an incremental hourly rate of $200 after that. (All prices USD).

Professional services are billed separately and only after an engineering assessment of the work requested. All charges, statement of work and other specifications around the project must be agreed to by both parties before work begins.

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If you have any questions, please email or look over out support frequently asked questions.